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Tarot & reiki


Tarot reading is a great tool to help guide you through anything, no matter how big or small. The cards will pull out messages that need to be heard at this moment in time. To find out more about my style of tarot reading and how I go about pulling the cards, please head to the my journal page

G I F T   C A R D

Perfect for when you have no idea what to get .... but you have in mind something a little different.

Can be redeemed on all tarot and reiki services. (inc in person and zoom)



"For a 'first-timer' I wasn't sure what to expect from a Tarot reading - But I'm so glad I met Tara and we got to connect on so many different elements of life. There was no time to be hesitant as Tara made me feel really comfortable from the start, and I quickly became intrigued as to how my energy could reflect and be perceived by someone else. 

Some of the elements around Family, Career, Finance & Relationships, really hit home and I left the experience with a huge weight lifted from my shoulder. I would highly recommend Tara's tarot reading to anyone"