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How to get B E A C H Y A S H B L O N D E hair

August 31, 2018


 Have you ever come out of your hair salon feeling "less than happy" with your final hair colour?? 


I have been working now for 10+ years as a fully certified hair stylist. I started out in Australia which is where I feel my well known "beachy hair styles" love started.


It has been the case for a while now that 'new' clients walk in our salon doors feeling unsatisfied with their hair colour. Not being able to get that natural ASHY hair colour. The ASHY hair colour you have been seeing everywhere on Instagram. 


The thing about ASHY hair colour is it is NOT NATURAL! Making it one of the hardest hair colours to achieve and maintain. Due to the hair having an undertone of yellow when lightened / bleached blonde. 


The BEST way to create this ASHY blonde hair colour is to TONE..... I'm not sure what your hair salon (at present) tones with or even if they are toning your hair?? 

What is Toning you ask?? Toning is a semi / demi / temporary hair colour that is put on after your lightener (bleach) has been shampooed out. Depending on the type (temporary / semi / demi) it will last a few washes to 4 weeks, this also depends on a few other factors like hair type and condition. It works by correcting the tone of your hair. So if your hair has lifted to a golden tone you can put purple toner on it to get it back to natural. There is a lot more to the colour process but you get the gist of it. 


This is why when lightening (bleaching) up your hair you will most lightly be wanting a toner too. It takes a bit longer, so make sure when booking in you let your hair stylist know you want to add a toner on to your colour service. A toner will set you back an extra £20 to £30. Sooo WORTH it when you are paying to get your PERFECT  HAIR  COLOUR.


Now lets talk home maintenance..... It is of the upmost importance that you buy a great purple shampoo to take home and use once a week or so. This keeps your blonde fresh and free from brass! We recommend "Redken Color Extend Blondage" (which we stock in the salon, £15.50). Of course there are  a lot of other brands out there we just feel this does the best when stopping that brass from coming back. 


 At your next visit to your hair salon talk to your stylist about toners. At Original Button we use Redken shades EQ gloss. Its the best toner by far that we have used to create those ASHY blondes. It adds the perfect tone every time with added shine. 


This is a short video of Tara on the Double Decker Bus hair salon. Doing the hair line, using a technique called "baby lights" and "backcombed balayage / foilyage". With a root toner and Redken blonde shampoo on the mid's and ends. This combo of foiling technique leaves the hair with that soft natural "lived in " root area while still keeping it super blonde around the face & ends of the hair. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the comments below. 











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