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This is me..... Hi.

Hello and thank you for coming to say hi. I am doing a few different things at the mo so I thought I would turn this space into a info/ my life kinda place.

My name is Tara. I live in Essex, uk on a farm. Its a beautiful place that keeps me very in touch with nature. I was born in the uk, lived on a boat for 3 years from the age of 7 traveling with my family around the world. Then moved with the family to Oz at the age of 13. To finally settle with my super amazing husband here. We have two intoxicating boys that keep me very busy.

So the main part of what I do for work is hairdressing. I opened up a hair salon a few years back on a double decker bus. Its going way better than I could of hoped for. With views over looking the farm fields its one hell of a place to relax and get your hair sorted...

I then in the last few months have taken up tarot reading and reiki.This is my new passion as I feel it can help heal people from the inside or outside in. I have always felt energy but didn't notice the impact it could have on people in a positive way until much later in my life. I like to deal mostly with emotions and to find where people hide their true self. That way I can help draw them out into a world that they are happy to live in forever and beyond. I will do a few more things around this topic soon.

Yer, that's about me. Thank you again for stoping in, hope to see you back again soon.


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