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The Original Button Hair salon.....

Welcome welcome, This is our hang out.... Its not a bad place to work AT ALL!!

A little about the Double Decker bus hair salon... Yes its a hair salon on a double decker bus, I first had the idea floating around my head a few years ago now (something like 5-6) as I worked in a salon in colchester town but lets face it thats a car trip I could do with out each day. So living on a farm I wanted to build or buy something that would suit my hairdressing needs. I can say that the bus does all that and more!

Having 2 other stylist share this space with me now, which is very hard work as they seem to like to move everything about all the time..... but I will live... haha (just about!). OK, really they are the best and I am very grateful to have them to work along side. We each have our own hairdressing styles which is fab because it means there is something for everyone.

The bus holds 3 clients at a time, The main styling chairs are located on the top deck. With a view to die for!! Making your down we have two backwash basins and a modest kitchen to make you a warm cuppa. It does proved a toilet but I would recommend it best to go at home or hold it as its only a portable one, but if you gotta go you gotta go. At the early days of building it I was 3 months pregnant with my 2nd baby so there was no time to think about fitting a proper one. . . also if I ever wanted the bus to move (which it does with a bit of moving bits and bobs around) it needed to stay as mobile as possible. The main reason the bus works so well is when you are sitting on the top deck the view and atmosphere feel clam (this is what I felt hard to overcome when working in a busy town salon). We are not into the busy side of life, taking time to think is important. So as stylists who like to chill we do our best to infuse peace in our work space.

Well.... anything else you would like to know will have to be answered when you pop in and say hi! You can book online via the link on the website. The salon is appointment only this is only because we like to come and go freely, so if not clients are booked in we will be out having fun (or in our PJ's at home).

Thank you taking time to read and chill with me. Hope to see you soon.


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