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M a k i n g  t h e  D o u b l e D e c k e r  B u s

H A I R  S A L O N

After working out of my kitchen salon for a year or two it was starting to become a tad more salon than kitchen. . . .so that is why I first started the thought process of " I need a salon" ...that then ending on THE DOUBLE DECKER BUS HAIR SALON..!! Who doesn't want to own a double decker bus!! It seemed perfect as it had a nice amount of space to design 3 work stations up stairs and a kids play area. Down stairs would consist of 2 wash basins, tea & coffee area, small seating area and toilet (another must as at the time I was 3 months pregnant when designing the salon). & the bus was cheap...(well the bus was, turned out a little more than I once thought but still a bargain compared  to a salon in town.)


WHERE DO YOU BUY......a double decker bus? That is very simply said in one word "EBAY". Yep picked myself up a beautiful old double decker bus for £3,500. They very kindly drove it to the farm where we live, as I can not drive a bus. 


THE VIEW....  The three work stations on the top deck are the high light of your cutting / colour expenance. The view over looking our farm fields & Mersea Island leaves you feeling calm ready to take on another day.


KID FRIENDLY..... I had tried to get my hair cut at a salon in town with my 2 year old and it was a horrific experience ...To keep mum's hair looking gorgeous while still having the kids in tow is the reason for the kids play area. Its next to impossible to spend 2 hours at a hair salon but at Original Button's hair salon its total do-able. We understand the needs of snack time and nappy changes!!


THE HELPERS..... Being 3 months pregnant with baby number 2 (Seb) when I started to convert the bus to my design, it was late nights when Oliver (baby 1) was sleeping in bed that I got most of the work done. But the bus would not be living today if a guy call Jon (the farm worker) had not helped out a LOT..!! (so a massive thank you to Jon.) The other super helpers were husband Dan, Steve, Guy, Oliver, Sam, Ben, SDH woodwork, Kingy electrics.


WANTS FROM THE SALON... I needed a quirky salon with a chilled out non crazy vibe to work in. I like to connect with my clients in a comfortable home like but still very professional setting. The feeling = if you really wanted you could wear your PJ's and not get one funny look.  The Bus Hair salon does all this with a cherry on top as it has easy free parking.